Dacia Hybrid Vehicles


Dacia is entering a new era of electrified adventure. The multi-award-winning Jogger is now available with innovative hybrid technology. This is the first Dacia entry into the new world of sustainably designed motoring. With the Jogger HYBRID you can drive with environmental peace of mind whilst taking your family on wild adventures, all without taking your wallet for a ride.

Enjoy all the benefits of hybrid technology with Jogger HYBRID 140. A whole range of electrified experiences in the great outdoors with your family awaits...


Dacia Jogger HYBRID Engine Vehicles

The Dacia HYBRID technology combines two electric motors with a combustion engine and an electric battery, and does not need to be plugged in.

With the Jogger HYBRID 140, everything is simple: the battery recharges by itself when you decelerate and brake. The smart automatic gearbox combined with the energy management system optimises the vehicle’s dynamic performance and consumption, particularly when accelerating. The engine is more efficient when it comes to managing the reduction of CO2 emissions from the tailpipe and fuel consumption compared to petrol versions.

The Jogger HYBRID 140 always starts in electric mode. This 100% electric start-up allows you to enjoy the automatic optimisation of energy sources.

With ECO Mode you can reach your full economic potential at the press of a button. By doing so the vehicle's throttle response is adjusted and the function of some ancillary features like the air conditioning are reduced.

The automatic gearbox (only available with the HYBRID version of the Jogger) changes gears smoothly and at the right moment depending on your driving style to further provide an optimal balance between electric and combustion engine driving.

The HYBRID technology lets you recover a large part of the kinetic energy that a combustion engine car would lose when braking.

There are two driving modes to choose from:

Standard D Mode - This mode allows you to slow down with the engine brake like on a combustion engine car

B Mode - Ideal for urban to countryside environments - this mode accentuates braking during deceleration phases and increases battery recharging.