Cambelt Replacement

A worn timing belt can break causing severe engine damage. When warning signs appear, it is often too late resulting in engine failure and expensive repairs may result.

You should think about replacing your timing belt if your vehicle:

  • Is more than 5 years old
  • Has covered over 60,000 miles

At Right Car we are offering our Dacia customers a cambelt replacement, from £299*.

Whilst your vehicle is with us we will also check it over for any:

  • Outstanding free of charge recalls
  • Provide you with a free vehicle video health check

You can replace your timing belt at Right Car Dacia - Hull & Grimsby. We are always here to help.

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It is important to respect the vehicle’s maintenance programme and replace the belt at the recommended age or mileage, whichever comes first. 

Anticipate the risk

The damage caused to your engine could be irreversible if the timing belt is broken.

If your Dacia is more than five years old and/or has covered over 60,000 miles, it is time to get your belt replaced.

It is very important to maintain your vehicle as recommended by Right Car Dacia and respect the recommended replacement intervals.

Terms and Conditions * Contact us for a personalised quote. Prices can differ depending on model. 


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