Enjoy The Ride with Dacia ZEN

Do you own a new or used Dacia ? Take advantage of up to 7 years warranty with Dacia*

Have you done under 75,000 miles or is your vehicle less than 6 years old ? Get one of our professional technicians to service your Dacia and take advantage of Dacia ZEN warranty for a year or 18,000. Your standard 3-year warranty must have expired before use.

Your Dacia ZEN warranty will start on the date that the service is carried out, running for 1 year or up to 18,000 miles. If your vehicle is no longer covered by warranty, manufacturer or extended, a one month waiting period is applied from the date your service is completed.

*3 Years' manufacturer warranty as standard and up to 4 years' warranty under Dacia ZEN. Dacia ZEN Warranty activated on the date the vehicle is serviced at a Dacia Dealer. Valid for 1 year or 18,000 miles (Whichever comes first). Subject to maintenance conditions and servicing requirements. Vehicles over 6 years old or 75,000 miles not eligible.

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