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Right Car Ford Commercial Van Service - What’s included

  From £179.99 (inc. VAT)
Check Front / Rear Screen, Wash & Wiper functions inc. Blade condition
Check condition of Windscreen / Door mirrors
Clean Panoramic sunroof - Arms & Panel (if fitted)
Check Horn & Seat belts (condition, mounting and operation)
Check Cabin, Glovebox, Boot, Sun visor, Door lights
Check Warning lights, Dip / Main beam, Fog, Side & Cornering lights
Check Rear side, Brake, Number plate, Reverse & Fog lights
Check hazard warning & direction indicator lights
Test alarm / immobiliser
Check presence of all Airbags & engine safety belts
Check bonnet lock operation & lubrication - Engine oil level
Anti-Corrosion check: Vehicle bodywork
Grease rear door hinges & sliding door upper catch hook (Master)
Check rear drum brakes
Check pads / discs (with wheels removed)
Check condition and mounting of exhaust system
Drain engine oil
Check propshaft
Check condition of gaiters, ball joints & mounting bushes: Suspension, Driveshaft, Steering
Hydraulic clutch, Quickshift hydraulic control, Cooling circuit, brake circuit
Check for leaks & condition of shock absorbers
Anti-corrosion check: wheel arches, under body & sub frames
Check tyre condition & tread depth
Check tyre pressure
Check Coolant / PAS fluid level & top up if necessary
Check brake fluid levels
Check front & rear washer levels & top up if necessary
Check quickshift hydraulic control & Clutch fluid levels & top up if necessary
Check air conditioning system operation
Carry out computer fault finding test using Clip Diagnostic
Refit sump plug (with new washer)
Fit new brake components (if required)
Drain diesel fuel filter if not replaced
Tighten wheel bolts
Replace oil filter