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Right Car Service - What’s included

Engine Bronze - £99.99 Silver - £149.99 Gold - £199.99
Check Front / Rear Screen, Wash & Wiper functions inc. Blade condition
Replace Oil Filter
Renew Engine Oil
Renew Air Filter  
Replace Spark Plugs    
Change Fuel Filter (Diesel Only)    
Check: Exhaust Emissions, Pollen Filter    
Check Brake Fluid
Visually Check Brake Pipes/Hoses
Visually Check Brake Discs & Pads
Remove FRONT Wheels, Check Brake Discs & Pads  
Remove REAR Wheels, Check Brake Discs & Pads    
Remove REAR Wheels, Check Drums & Linings    
Check: Aintifreeze/Coolant Level, Auxiliary Belt, Coolant Hoses
Check Fan Belt    
Check: Power Steering Fluid Levels, Power Steering Components
Check Power Steering Hoses    
Check: Shock Absorbers, Wheel Bearings, Coil Springs, Ball Joints
Check: Exhaust System, Exhaust Mountings
Check: Lights, Horn, Washer & Wipers, Rear Demister, Air Con
Check: Windscreen, Seat Belt, Fuel Tank/Pipe, Under Body


We have a range of extra services on offer to keep your car working at optimal performance

Class 4 MOT £39.99
Class 7 MOT £49.99
Anti-Freeze Change from £49.99
Air Con (R134 A) from - £49.99
Brake Pads Fitted from £59.99
Tyres Fitted From £19.99
Exhausts Fitted from £69.99
Cambelts Fitted from £299.99